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Market week has ended so that means 2 things:  I am back on the left coast and the detoxing process begins.  Spending almost half my life in NYC but residing in Cali, I am in a constant state of comparison.  There are so many things I love about both cities and the pro’s and con’s for each place have almost nothing in common.

One ever present challenge in NY is if you plan to head out to drinks post workday, you don’t have a car to schlepp a change of clothes/shoes/makeup/etc.  So an easy am-to-pm look is a must.

Here is one of mine from last week – starting with an ultra simple ensemble that is tonal in color creates the perfect canvas.  All you need to tote are some accessories.

Studded Vans became two-toned leather heels.  Silver necklace became beaded/rhinestone choker.  And messy bun air dried into some beachy waves.  Voila!

(P.S.  I am totally aware that not everyone gets to wear slip-on Vans to work.  But you get the gist)


*Drop armhole tank is Monki.  They don’t have the same one I am wearing but they have an even better one here!

*Bandeau is American Apparel.

*Slouchy trousers from Zara.  Out of stock now but check these out instead.

*Studded “Vans” are Charlotte Russe, loving the real deal on Etsy though.

*Color block heels are Topshop, similar pair here.

*Daytime silver necklace is vintage but love this one for the same cas vibe.

*Night-time choker is Zara which is sold out but also love this and this from Topshop.