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“Truly Outrageous” is not just a chance to give a shout out to my good old friends Jem and the Holograms, but also what many of the pages of magazines claim are the next hottest trends.  Being immersed in fashion, I admit, gives me a slightly warped sense of what is normal.  All I have to do is shoot down the I-405 south to my old stomping grounds in San Diego, where the jean skirt and Rocket Dog flips combo is alive and well, to remind me that I live in the land of the sartorially advanced.
There have been more than a few editorials lately displaying iridescent and hologram tech fabrics and prints.  Even I can’t wrap my mind around an all over look – as much as I would love to be a walking mirror for my girlfriends to do on the go touch ups.  Small shots of it in accessories and maaaaybe a textured stretch pencil like the one attached seem to make the most sense.  And a hologram mani is def a no brainer!
hologram collage