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Hi everyone, my name is Laurel, and I am addicted to buying nail polish.

Phew, now that we have the first step over-with (admission) I feel like I can open up and share my addiction with the world.  Most of my childhood, I was an aggressive nail biter.  Luckily I was able to shake this revolting habit, but with healthy digits also came an obsession with nail polish and changing it more frequently than the average bear.

I have never been able to resist a new shade of lacquer, and although I am pretty consistent at purging old ones, I have quite the collection.

DSC_1096 DSC_1098


An interesting thing has happened recently to my usual 3 color a week habit – I find it absolutely impossible to use anything other than shades of nude!  I bypass my summer-ready oranges, corals, and blues for “Mod in Manhattan”, “Samoan Sand” and “Chocolate Mousse”!  Glamour, Lucky, and Marie Clare all validate this new bare trend and I have loved all of their spreads on the latest pale shades for all skin tones!

I mentioned a few already but here are the bottles that I can’t live without:

from left to right: OPI Chocolate Mousse, NYC Color Fashion Safari, OPI Samoan Sand, Essie Mini How High, Color Club Mod in Manhattan, OPI Alpine Snow

If you’re looking for shades to match your skin tone, Jenna Hipp has some fantastic bare options, check them out here.