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One of my closest girlfriend’s recently said this to me.  She is referencing the fact that when we go out, my outfits tend to incite praise from my female peers, however, are not attractive to the eye of the opposite sex.  She argues that moomoo’s ala Mrs Roper, waistlines up to my bosom, and insanely oversized statement jewelry don’t exactly scream – wanna buy me my next vodka tonic?

This may not make me the ideal wing woman, but no one is happier to flex her sartorial muscles at even the most dude-bro events than yours truly. Case in point: beach party in Venice on Saturday where I threw my poor newly single girlfriend a major curve ball, debuting my brand new high waisted bikini from Topshop.

Growing up in Cali, I have a drawer full of teeny string bikini’s from various surf brands.  It was about time that I got my hands on something a little less Beach Barbie and a little more Gidget!  Here are the Topshop cuties that made into to my dressing room – can you guess which one I purchased?