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I have a feeling I speak for more than a few when I say that we could not take our eyes off Kate Upton, a fairly unknown blonde bombshell, shaking her teeny bikini clad money maker on youtube about a year ago.  I distinctly remember Madison calling me over to her computer (we were in the same state, so that means this was during a market week – work time well spent) saying I HAD to see this insanely sexy girl doing this ghetto fab dance called “The Cat Daddy”!  After about 10 solid mesmerizing, gyrating minutes, I chalked this well endowed youngin to another fleeting fad.

Well one GQ and Sports Illustrated cover later, I was obviously proven wrong and she became the posterchick for volumptuous booty shakers everywhere.  M and I both love her wholesome look and healthy not-so-toothpick-skinny bod.  So I was excited to see she was on the cover of Vogue this month!  The gorgeous spread validates her ability to rock the pages of the most prestigious fashion publication in the industry just as well as any other bobblehead uber model.  Thinking Kate’s time in the spotlight is going to be a little longer than 15 minutes…

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