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Life can be tough for a fashion obsessed chica like myself.  Spending a better part of my day (ssshhh, don’t tell Madison) scouring blogs, retail sites, and flipping through mags – my list of personal “must haves” grows longer by the minute.  The inspiration I gain through these mediums is endless, and we are so lucky that keeping up with them is a necessary part of our jobs!  However, every once and a while, I will see an image and my desire to find that jacket or shoe or even nail polish color consumes me!

Stackable shiny gold and silver rings have been my latest obsession after feasting my eyes on images like these:


The key to these particular stackables are that they come in varying sizes and widths, allowing the wearer to don on every finger if she chooses.  I fell in LOVE with this look!  So you can imagine the elation I felt when I found these at H&M in both silver and gold!  Watch out – shopping high in progress!