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There were tireless meetings, late nights at the showroom, pages of recaps and notes, some olympic caliber schlepping of garment trunks and suitcases. But there was an equal amount of laughter and tequila to boot!  Just a typical market week for M&L!

Before we move on to the next round of madness in June, thought I would take a moment to share some of last week’s highlights.

With the weather somewhat cooperating (trying to erase the monsoon that wouldn’t quit for 2 days from my memory) M&L decided to take a lunch break and meet some friends at the Madison Square Park food fest.  We browsed, we pizza’d, and we witnessed the rise and crash of a dear friend’s blood sugar after devouring a table covered in Momofuku crack pie and cereal soft serve.


The Met Ball could not have been a bigger distraction for us last week.  Our faces were glued to our phones as the images started to trickle in.  Take away?  M could not wrap her head around Miss Richie’s white/grey hair hue and I couldn’t figure out who advised Queen B to wear those Pretty Woman-on-baroque crack thigh high boots!?!?  We were in agreement however that Rooney’s Riccardo Tisci ensemble was life altering.

With my first time to the Met (don’t tell anyone) finally under my belt, I am now inspired to dig up some of my old Manic Panic hair goop, tarten plaid Dickie’s and Creepers.  A few not-so-stealth shots from the Punk exhibit:


Lastly, in our efforts to always be searching for inspiration, we both love this concept for either a graphic tee or perhaps even a fresh piece of permanent art on one of our bods!  Thank you road trip to Philly!



See ya in June!