Starting to think my favorite fashion bloggers live in a perpetual Spring…oh yeah they do, it’s called L.A.  Feeling particularly blah this am clicking through my Bloglovin’ updates.  Feels like I’ve been looking at shortie shorts, sundresses, strappy sandals and sunshine for months…meanwhile it’s barely edged over 50 degrees in New York.  Oh wait, that’s not true, it got to 80…the week I was in L.A.  Go figure.  Sometimes I see a closed toe shoe bootie or fur skully in a shot and selfishly get excited (“Oh, must be cold in LA!”), but then I usually spy a yellow cab or the Empire State Building in the background and realize they’re here for some swank fashion event and this is their feeble attempt to dress warm.  Reminds me of when Laurel tried to buy herself a winter coat and it was basically a blazer on steroids (A for effort though girl!).  I guess I’ll just have to be patient and keep my arsenal of jean shorts and gladiator sandals on call for now.  But seriously NY, the first day of Spring was March 20th…can you plllleeeaaaassseee catch up soon?!
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