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Contrary to my ever chic business partner who can wear a body hugging dress with stomach cut outs & a pair of 6″ heels with as much ease and grace as she wears her gym clothes, I’ve never been much of a dress and heels girl.  Comfort always comes first for me…complete w/ full coverage undies (I believe ‘granny panties’ is what the kids are calling ’em #noshame).  Plus heels and dresses are not really conducive to running around the city or going up subway stairs.  That being said, I love to try new trends as much as the next girl and can spend endless hours on fashion blogs oogling over the newest clothes, hair or nails, but when I really stop and think about when I find a woman most beautiful it’s when she’s keepin’ it simple.  I always find myself drawn to the understated confidence of a white tank…these ladies look so fresh and so clean… nothing sexier than that!

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