Every time our friend Scott over at The Sartorialist posts one of these videos, documenting a not-so-casual meet and greet of his most stylish fashionistos, it leaves me with a feeling that can best be described as hopeful.  Hopeful that men like this actually do exist in this world (and are straight). Men that wear a 3 piece suit, cufflinks and pocket square as effortlessly as they wear jeans and a tee shirt.  Men that make you forget a full Santa Claus-like beard and smelling of cigar smoke is supposed to be gross.  Men that live a lifestyle where they can easily attend a lunch in an elegant restaurant in Italy on a Tuesday.  I imagine that their conversations are less about football and mortgage rates and more about art installations and provocative cuisine.

The reality, most likely, is that they can’t wait to go home and get into their sweats, have their ladies tell them not to go near them before they shower off that stench of smoke and order a burger from room service because the charcuterie they just grazed didn’t even come close to filling them up.

Thank god fashion is not about reality!