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I’ve been really feeling for this natural hair texture trend(?) lately.  Actually, not sure if we can really call it a trend yet or if we will ever be able to…it is NOT easy to do…or do well anyway.  I once had a hairdresser say to me ‘oh it’s so refreshing to see someone working w/ their natural texture”…guess i had her fooled thanks to an arsenal of spray waxes, curl creams, beach sprays, a diffuser & 3 different curling irons.  It sounds good in theory but I recently tried it (that’s right, 0 heating tools) and truth be told…result had me resembling some sort of poo mix (labradoodle maybe?).  I so wish I could be part of the 2% of the female population who rolls out of bed naturally gorge (a la Gisele, Megan Fox, Halle, Kate Upton…you get the gist) but sadly I am not.  I’m a huge fan of looking ‘effortless’ but the reality is, that usually takes quite a bit of effort.  So until some magical hair genie appears to make all my hair dreams come true…I’m keeping Erika at Soon Beauty Lab (closest thing to a hair genie I’ve encountered thus far) on speed dial and my Sultra Bombshell plugged in and raring to go!